Ten years on… My musical hero returns triumphant

Well, well, well. That was some news on Monday, huh? I checked my Twitter feed to discover people talking about David Bowie. Some random tweets, others more specific, but to find out that Bowie had released his first new material since 2003 was a shock, to say the least. I had to stop myself dancing round the room. And I cried. I actually cried, I was that happy.

You see, I had honestly thought that was it from him. Certain of the (admittedly rather obscure) lyrics on the Reality album convinced me that Bowie had decided to hang up his musical jacket and replace it with familial slippers. I never blamed him, of course. Even such geniuses as Bowie need to chill out sometime. But even so, I regretted the possibility that there may be no more new material from, as Juliet says, ‘the god of my idolatory’, whom I have held in awe since I was 15. (In case you haven’t worked it out and / or don’t already know, that was a few years ago, now…)

So now that he’s released a new single, Where Are We Now?, which reflects back on his time in Berlin in the 70s, it’s the talk of the music business. An ‘it’ girl, who I can’t be arsed to name because to me she’s frankly no one, warned against ‘Bowie hysteria’ because if he were new on the scene today he would be nothing more than a ‘jumped up Pete Docherty (sic)’. What complete bollocks. He was always new, always fresh, and always, but always, way ahead of his time. The fact that he turned 66 on the day of this new release just goes to illustrate the fact that if you stay young in your soul, you’ll never really get old.

I have always been one for listening to music. From Steeleye Span to Neil Young, Black Sabbath, Elvis, a-ha, Then Jerico and even some classical (Holst’s Planets suite remains my favourite), I was weaned on music from a very early age. With David Bowie, although that obsession didn’t change, I had a hook, a home base, if you will, someone to idolise, someone to admire. Listening to his music always brought me to a special place within myself, somewhere I can’t always find, and sometimes I even forget it’s there, but when I hear David Bowie’s music, there it is again, instantaneously bringing me back. Like a magic spell, like clicking red shoes together, like snapping my fingers. And no matter who else I listen to, whether it be folk, rock, electronica or opera, in the end, I always come back to David Bowie. Because everything always does.

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