Capercaillie at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, 29.11.13

It had been a while since I last saw Capercaillie play. That was at Chichester Festival Theatre about three or four years ago. So when Charlie, their fiddle player, said he had got me a couple of tickets for the London gig on this 30th anniversary tour, it was like an extra birthday present for me. In the end, things changed and I went on my own, but that was fine and I was able to make use of the spare seat later. Continue reading

Capercaillie at Chichester Festival Theatre, 13.02.11

It was something of a relief to go to Chichester yesterday, as I was in serious need of a break from work. Ariana came down from Cambridge to Brighton and the three of us went to Chichester in the evening to meet my parents at the Festival Theatre. This had been planned for some months and it had been about three years since I had last seen Capercaillie, also at the Festival Theatre. Continue reading

Approaching spring

As we near the middle of February, it’s clear that spring is on its way. If you ignore the sometimes bitter cold and take a look around, you might see a few snowdrops (as I did this morning when I took a short cut through the Pavilion Gardens) or some daffodils trying their hardest to push through. After what was apparently the coldest December on record, it’s nice to see some evidence of Mother Nature turning her wheel and bringing us all closer to the warmth once more. Continue reading