Tears on Tape: the return of HIM

So, HIM are back with a blinding new album, Tears on Tape. But sadly, this comes with a ‘but’. As I write, singer Ville Valo is very ill, having suffered a severe asthma attack backstage on Friday, just as the band were due to start their US tour. It appears to have been accompanied by ‘presumptive pneumonia’, and fans worldwide are sending him our best wishes for a very speedy return to full health. Of course, the tour has been cancelled, and Ville’s condition gives this release even more resonance.

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Autumn and its inherent changes

Well, autumn has finally arrived. The wealth of blackberries is starting to recede as the bushes prepare for colder weather (but not before I picked a load to make into yummy jam, thank you Mother Nature for the free food) and there’s not as much sunlight as there was, even though it seems there’s more actual sunshine now than there was in supposedly-sunny-but-actually-very-wet August. Continue reading