Ten years on… My musical hero returns triumphant

Well, well, well. That was some news on Monday, huh? I checked my Twitter feed to discover people talking about David Bowie. Some random tweets, others more specific, but to find out that Bowie had released his first new material since 2003 was a shock, to say the least. I had to stop myself dancing round the room. And I cried. I actually cried, I was that happy.

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Now I know how the Sixties kids felt

Having been witness to the Eighties revival of the past few years, digging out music that I used to listen to constantly both at home and on my Walkman, and remembering what it felt like to be there, makes me realise how the Sixties kids, including my own mum and dad, felt when the Sixties revival took place in the Eighties. Continue reading