A visit to the relatives

Yesterday, we met my folks on the train on the way to Southampton, where we changed to go to Wool. An early start (train at 7:30 from Brighton) meant we had arrived at Monkey World by about 10:45. This was Laz’s first visit to the park, and it was great fun introducing him to some of our simian friends.

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Animal welfare update – times they are a-changin’

Back in February, I posted an entry about the pedigree dog industry (and it is an industry, as there is a lot of money involved). In April, I was contacted by Helen Coen, the Online Community Manager for the RSPCA, to say there had been an update on this issue and she would tell me about it if I was interested. Continue reading

Meeting the neighbours, in more ways than one

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks, all told. On Friday 25th, I caught the 7.30 train from Brighton to meet my parents on the way to Southampton, where we needed to change to get to Wool station. Wool, you see, is the home of our beloved Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre and, though my folks go practically every month, I hadn’t been in some time. Continue reading