The do’s and don’ts of running a writers’ circle

It’s been mentioned by one of my members this week that the writers’ circle I founded and run is much loved and must “never change”. Intrigued by this seemingly random display of affection via a public tweet, I asked what had brought all this on. What I discovered didn’t surprise me that much, but it did anger me enough to write this blog post. Continue reading

Twenty Years of Mary Jane

Those of you who know me well know that I’ve always been a hardcore folkie. I’ve always been a hardcore rocker, too, and a worshipper of the Bowie God. This love of music has taken me to various places and I was invited some years ago to write for a traditional music website called RootsReview. The website no longer exists – I seem to recall politics got involved somewhere along the line and the owner of the website didn’t have the stomach for arguing so often about petty issues – but we had begun to acquire something of a reputation and may even have been a rival for fRoots, had we continued on that path.

Continue reading

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes, turn and face the strain

So, I met up with Lizzie at the High Voltage Festival. We had a very girlie time, catching up, giggling (a lot), drinking coffee and stirring it with a plastic Biro, traipsing across a field to see different bands and then standing arm in arm to watch Thunder’s set. We even saw the guy who plays Sam in True Blood, not six feet from us. Rock on. Continue reading