Well, the new decade is upon us

As I saw out the old year and prepared to welcome in the new, a friend of mine imparted some sad news. I knew already that Tim Hart, formerly of my beloved Steeleye Span, was gravely ill, but that was the night I learnt he had passed away. The moment he told me, I felt something break deep within my soul, as if a part of me had gone with him. Continue reading

Steeleye Span, 19th December 2009

What a fabulous way to end the last year of the decade.  Steeleye Span’s Ken Nicol and I had been in quite close touch over the past few days and, the night before the gig, he rang me for a chat, which was rather nice.  We arranged to meet for coffee in Red Roaster at lunchtime the next day, as he had some free time before the sound check in the evening.  Continue reading

In a league of their own

Last night, I went to see Steeleye Span at Chichester Festival Theatre, having not seen them play for five years.  Now, some people may know (as I make no secret of it and why should I?) that Steeleye were my very, very first introduction to music when I was just a few days old and I have been listening to them ever since.  The excitement never wanes; if anything, it just gets more intense as these people are absolutely masters (and mistress) of their respective crafts and all go to make up one beautiful whole. Continue reading