NaNoWriMo, GollanczFest, writing, writing, writing

How does it always arrive so quickly? Every year, at the end of November, we think, wow, that’s it for another year. A year! And then December arrives, with all that comes with it, and then it’s new year and all that comes with that, and then we’re into February. By which time, one quarter of that twelve-month wait for the next NaNoWriMo is already over. Continue reading

Storytime, with Joanne Harris

It’s weird when something happens, some event, that blows your mind so completely that it takes ages to process it enough to write about the experience. That’s part of the reason I’m only writing about this now, something that happened a month ago, an event so special, so magical, that it’s hard to find the right words to describe how it felt at the time. But I’m gonna try. Continue reading

Running and writing, with added extras

I was without a laptop for three weeks. My screen died, I had to send it for repair and in the meantime I checked the internet using other people’s computers. I couldn’t edit the book I’d started editing, I couldn’t check my emails as often as I usually do and I couldn’t access the Plot Bunnies website  enough for my liking (I check it daily). What I wanted to do before my laptop fell ill was blog about the Sport Relief Mile that I ran with my kung fu club (evidence, should you need it, that I was there can be obtained by looking at the photo on our club website). So let me start with that. Continue reading