I really want to love people

But some, as my friend Maggie put it the other day, “make it really fucking hard.”

I haven’t written on here for some time. For this, I’m sorry. But there’s so much hatred in the world at the moment (isn’t there always?) that it feels like we’re overflowing with it and I have to write about it or explode. Continue reading


Twenty Years of Mary Jane

Those of you who know me well know that I’ve always been a hardcore folkie. I’ve always been a hardcore rocker, too, and a worshipper of the Bowie God. This love of music has taken me to various places and I was invited some years ago to write for a traditional music website called RootsReview. The website no longer exists – I seem to recall politics got involved somewhere along the line and the owner of the website didn’t have the stomach for arguing so often about petty issues – but we had begun to acquire something of a reputation and may even have been a rival for fRoots, had we continued on that path.

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Tears on Tape: the return of HIM

So, HIM are back with a blinding new album, Tears on Tape. But sadly, this comes with a ‘but’. As I write, singer Ville Valo is very ill, having suffered a severe asthma attack backstage on Friday, just as the band were due to start their US tour. It appears to have been accompanied by ‘presumptive pneumonia’, and fans worldwide are sending him our best wishes for a very speedy return to full health. Of course, the tour has been cancelled, and Ville’s condition gives this release even more resonance.

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Ten years on… My musical hero returns triumphant

Well, well, well. That was some news on Monday, huh? I checked my Twitter feed to discover people talking about David Bowie. Some random tweets, others more specific, but to find out that Bowie had released his first new material since 2003 was a shock, to say the least. I had to stop myself dancing round the room. And I cried. I actually cried, I was that happy.

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