Bank holidays change people

For some reason, bank holidays seem to change people. Last night’s training, for example, taken by one of the more advanced students as our instructor is away for a few days, was very light. Not on sweat or effort, but on people. There were only six people there for the hard style class and two of them left, leaving a grand total of four of us training in the soft style. Continue reading

It’s quite something to meet one of your favourite writers

Last night, I went to Foyles in London because I’d managed to grab a place at Jasper Fforde’s book launch for his latest release, Shades of Grey. He is a writer whose work has fascinated me from the day I saw him on a BBC interview, when he read extracts from his book, The Eyre Affair, the first in the Thursday Next series. To be able to go and hear him read and then meet him afterwards was a blast. Continue reading

In a league of their own

Last night, I went to see Steeleye Span at Chichester Festival Theatre, having not seen them play for five years.  Now, some people may know (as I make no secret of it and why should I?) that Steeleye were my very, very first introduction to music when I was just a few days old and I have been listening to them ever since.  The excitement never wanes; if anything, it just gets more intense as these people are absolutely masters (and mistress) of their respective crafts and all go to make up one beautiful whole. Continue reading