Placebo at Brixton Academy, 17.12.13

I should have written about this ages ago, but things happen and get in the way and time passes and *insert plausible excuse here*.

Anyway, this story starts back in May, when tickets went on sale for Placebo’s Loud Like Love tour. I had to get in quick or miss the chance to go, so it was a relief when the band added another night to the tour. Monday the 16th was initially the last night, but demand was such that they booked the Academy for the 17th, as well, and I managed to get there just in time. Continue reading

Autumn and its inherent changes

Well, autumn has finally arrived. The wealth of blackberries is starting to recede as the bushes prepare for colder weather (but not before I picked a load to make into yummy jam, thank you Mother Nature for the free food) and there’s not as much sunlight as there was, even though it seems there’s more actual sunshine now than there was in supposedly-sunny-but-actually-very-wet August. Continue reading