I really want to love people

But some, as my friend Maggie put it the other day, “make it really fucking hard.”

I haven’t written on here for some time. For this, I’m sorry. But there’s so much hatred in the world at the moment (isn’t there always?) that it feels like we’re overflowing with it and I have to write about it or explode. Continue reading

Why we still need the RSPCA

The Dr Hadwen Trust have recently reported that animal testing for medical research has risen by 2% since last year. That may not seem like much, but you have to remember that this is only an average. The use of goats in experiments (yes, you read that right) has risen by 356% and – get this – the use of camels (camels!) has risen by 678%. I’m sure I don’t need to explain the absurdity of this.

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Whoever wants a deformed dog?

Last night, I watched Pedigree Dogs Exposed: Three Years On, having watched the first programme when it was originally aired in 2008. It went into graphic and disturbing detail about what happens to pedigree dogs who have been badly inbred over several generations, and a little while after the first programme went out, I went to an RSPCA conference and saw vet Mark Evans give a talk about the subject. It was worse than I’d thought, and in the talk, he also discussed pedigree cats, which have similar problems. Continue reading