Bad Food Britain – we’re a laughing stock

I’ve just finished reading Bad Food Britain by Joanna Blythman. I whizzed through it in just over a day, because it’s compelling reading. She talks about how our food culture has been eaten away (sorry, unintentional pun – ‘eroded’ if you prefer) by processed food manufacturers and supermarkets, and that the correlative effect of this, as well as a lack of food education in schools (apart from teaching them how to process the sort of junk you find in supermarkets) is that Britain is getting fatter and more malnourished by the year.

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Kung fu camp, 19th May

This was the first of Dave’s summer camps in Kent this year, and we began by ‘calming down’ after coming from the stress of London. This meant standing in the greater meditation position, which is hard as you need to concentrate on something other than the pain in your shoulders. But it did work. We all calmed down, and by then it was time for tea and pastries.

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