Other than the blog on this site, I have been writing since I was very young and would like to believe that, although I am of course still learning (because writers never stop), I have begun to hone my craft. I find dialogue to be the easiest thing, as I can hear characters talking in my head. This has been enhanced, I have no doubt, by my propensity to ‘earwig’ – I listen to conversations and this gives me an ear for the way people talk. One of the things I have inherited as a family trait is to be naturally nosy, and I also talk a lot (talking not only opens me to others but it lets them know they can open to me and talk just as much).

After NaNoWriMo 2009, I and a few others from the Brighton regional group began meeting each month (if you’re in the area and want to know more, contact me at fiver@plotbunnies.co.uk – this is our website). Just being with like-minded people who understand what goes on inside the mind of a writer, talking about plot, character and story arcs, I always come away from meetings with renewed enthusiasm for the craft. After a while, we began meeting twice monthly, and now people all over Brighton are finding us. Please be aware that membership has always been by invitation only, as it’s important that we all get on.

I also write reviews, having been a reviewer on a sadly now-defunct roots music website and, through it, I was able to meet and get to know several folk musicians. Many of these I have kept in touch with and we remain good friends. I have recently begun to come back to reviewing, but now it’s books and the reviews can be found on the Brighton Plot Bunnies website.

Every so often, I will flip through Stephen King’s On Writing – I have already read it more than once – to remind me that there are no shortcuts. I would recommend this book to anyone who is at all serious about writing, as Stephen King pulls no punches and he certainly doesn’t make the writing life sound easy – because it isn’t.

I have written short stories and mini pieces in the past, but I enjoy these less, them being so much harder than novels. Novels give me the space and freedom to play around and get to know the characters, whereas shorts are much more limited in scope. On the other hand, if I have a single idea that needs no more than a few paragraphs, I will write it and store it away in my files.

In short, then, I am a compulsive writer. If I’m not writing, I’m thinking about writing. It’s an obsession, but it’s a great one to have.

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