Women are supposed to be WHAT?

According to a number of recent adverts, women are supposed to be perfect. We’re supposed to look “good” (whatever that means), fit (OK, for health reasons, but not for the reasons the ad-makers suggest), be “girly” (ugh), and oh, I dunno, we’re probably supposed to like everything pink, like shopping for shoes and handbags, and as an added bonus, so that we don’t intimidate men, be brainless and ditzy, too.

What the fuck? Continue reading

Sexism & misogyny: alive & well in 2014

Unless you’ve been hiding yourself away for the past week, you can’t possibly have missed the news of Elliot Rodger’s killing spree in Santa Barbara last Friday, and if you’re on social media, it will have been all but impossible not to notice the backlash from women who have simply had enough. Rodger’s manifesto was that he was going to slaughter all the ‘sluts’ who wouldn’t (read ‘didn’t want to’) have sex with him. So he showed them that he was the ‘supreme gentleman’ by murdering some people. Then he (apparently – just legally covering my arse, here) killed himself. Continue reading