Life can be truly amazing, at times

It’s a little while again since I last posted, I know. Sorry. Things have been a mite hectic and I’ve been a bit… um… preoccupied. Continue reading


November arrives and everything happens at once

This month has been busy and it’s only halfway through. NaNoWriMo, of course, began at midnight on the first, and I’ve come to the conclusion that it would be far more enjoyable if people didn’t complain on the forums about it being ‘so hard to find time to write’ or their ‘characters don’t do what they’re told’. Continue reading

Autumn and its inherent changes

Well, autumn has finally arrived. The wealth of blackberries is starting to recede as the bushes prepare for colder weather (but not before I picked a load to make into yummy jam, thank you Mother Nature for the free food) and there’s not as much sunlight as there was, even though it seems there’s more actual sunshine now than there was in supposedly-sunny-but-actually-very-wet August. Continue reading

In a league of their own

Last night, I went to see Steeleye Span at Chichester Festival Theatre, having not seen them play for five years.  Now, some people may know (as I make no secret of it and why should I?) that Steeleye were my very, very first introduction to music when I was just a few days old and I have been listening to them ever since.  The excitement never wanes; if anything, it just gets more intense as these people are absolutely masters (and mistress) of their respective crafts and all go to make up one beautiful whole. Continue reading