Been a while, eh?

I know. It’s been a little while since you last heard from me in any great detail. Some may count that a blessing. Anyway, the main reason is that so much has been going on and I’ve hardly known what to write about because by the time I sit down of an evening, I’m often so knackered that all I want to do is read a book.

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Ignorance and beauty

I found out today that one of my favourite writers, Michèle Roberts, has a new book coming out next month. This is excellent news. It always seems like years between Michèle Roberts books, but her last one, Mud, was published only two years ago. Continue reading

Getting back into the habit

Training was fabulous, yesterday. Not that it isn’t always, but after three weeks away, it was something of a relief. I got to Islington early, having been to Fulham first to hand in some work and collect some more (and, having learnt there’s plenty more to come, I left with something of a bounce in my step). I sat and read for most of the time I was there waiting – it was a good excuse to read some more of Fingersmith and it took me by surprise at the end of the first section. The first person narrator hadn’t seen it coming so, of course, neither does the reader. Continue reading

Books, reading and blissful escape

Going to the Jubilee Library for World Book Night flexed my reading muscles to such a degree that I whizzed through to the end of Brave New World (what a thoroughly depressing ending – can’t say I wasn’t warned, nor was I surprised) and finished it last night. (This may not seem such an achievement unless you know that I set it aside so I could read Jasper Fforde’s latest book and it’s a dystopia, never the easiest reads at the best of times.) Continue reading

World Book Day

Well, today is World Book Day. Alexander McCall Smith was on the breakfast news, #worldbookday or #wbd11 is trending on Twitter, everyone is talking books. I would like to think this means everyone, the world over, will be talking about books, buying books, borrowing books, reading books and even writing books, but the cynic in me remains convinced that those of us who are marking the day read anyway. Continue reading