Writers Exposed

Writers, writers… Learn to write *before* you submit to a publisher. (Please!)


Gnome keyboardWhen she’s not teaching, my daughter is the University Applications Officer for her school.  That job might be distilled down to getting the candidates to think about how their applications will appear to an academic institution.  One of her exercises is to get the students to play the role of the university admissions board and to assess a set of applications to see how the applicants come over to them.  It’s the same when you go after a new job: the first impression is created by the application.

The publishing equivalent is the query letter; the first window into the soul of the writer.  Given that such things are received by members of an editorial staff, the writer would be reasonably advised to expect pedantry.  I try not to be too hard on writers – after all, we all make mistakes (as this blog will occasionally attest, I am prone…

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