Martina’s Massage at Healing and Holistic Show, Hove, 25th November

On Sunday 25th November, I helped out Martina Regan at the Healing and Holistic Show at Hove Town Hall, where she had a stall for the day. She’d asked me to give her a hand because she would be offering on-the-spot massage and would not be able to see to people who approached while she was busy.

I got to the town hall shortly after 9 a.m. and she had already laid out the table I was to sit at, explaining various things about what I would need to do or say. At the time, there was only one screen, but we borrowed another one and made a little alcove, for privacy while she massaged.

Martina’s table – look at that smile!

It started off slowly, but once we had the first client, things began to pick up and the money started to come in. Several times, Martina was massaging behind the screen when people came to the table, so I explained that Martina is excellent at what she does, helped enormously by the fact that I have been on the receiving end more than once.

Near our stall were two people offering aura photographs (an extra fiver if you wanted a personal reading). Next to them were a group of spiritual healers – apparently, their method was to channel energy from outside, meaning they were not themselves depleted. I remain sceptical of this, but it can, I believe, do no real harm, though my kung fu instructor may dispute this. Opposite us was a lady called Lisa, who was offering various treatments including reflexology and Angel healing. As she was on her own, I kept an eye on her stall a couple of times when she took a break.

Near the end of the day, things picked up even more, as one Alison Lapper MBE and her assistant Liz approached the stall. You may recognise the name. It turns out (I realised she was famous and looked her up later) that she was the subject of a sculpture which stood for a time on the empty plinth in Trafalgar Square, Alison Lapper Pregnant. As she has no arms and severely stunted legs, Liz helped her up onto Martina’s couch and then left her for the half hour that she would be engaged. While she was being massaged, I heard all the right kinds of noises. Noises such as ‘Oooh,’ and ‘Ohhh!’ Later on, Martina said it was good to massage someone who truly needed it.

Martina stands by her table

Massage seems to be underrated in Western medicine. My dad, who is now in a lot of pain, has been to see several doctors and consultants, but no one has ever suggested he try massage. On the other hand, in China, it is seen as something of a cure-all. So, what is Western medical training missing? Why has it overlooked such a fundamental and important part of healing? Frankly, it beggars belief.

Anyway, at the end of the day, Martina took her final client, one of the show’s organisers, and she let me go home. As it happened, a bus came along just a few minutes later.

Altogether, it was a very successful day, with several people booking future appointments having been impressed by Martina’s massage skills. As Laz and I can personally attest, she is very good at what she does. So, if you want to try a massage, give her a call on 07803 884310 or have a look at her website here.

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