Snatching a moment of calm

Last week, I had a lovely massage. Martina Regan is setting up a new business and has been training. She needed bodies to practise on, and had already used her long-time friend Laz as a guinea pig and so now it was my turn.

She uses a room in a clinic just down the road from where he lives, so we walked down there, only when we were on our way Laz asking me, ‘Have you got your best underwear on?’

She greeted us on the stairs, took us up and Laz settled himself on a chair while I got ready, which involved stripping off everything except my knickers. I’m not especially body conscious. When I get changed for training, there are bare boobs all over the ladies’ changing rooms, so it pays not to be shy. By the time Martina had produced a towel to hide behind, I’d already shed my bra.

Anyway, I lay on the table, my face in the hole so I could lie down flat, and she got to work. Laz had taken a camera, but when he was about to get a shot, he realised the battery had died. So if you were wondering why I haven’t added any pictures to this entry, that’s the reason. (I could also have taken my own camera, but I didn’t, so we both messed up on that one.)

The massage was great. Working first on my legs, then moving to my back, Martina made her way all over. Working my knees, she said she suspected I had scar tissue in my right one, which would explain why I get pain in it while doing certain stretches in class. I was so wonky in my stance for so many years that it makes sense if my knees have compensated and ended up scarring.

The whole thing lasted about an hour – both Laz and I noticed how quiet I was the entire time (I’m usually a chatterbox) – and then Martina came back with us and we ate together.

Once her website is up and running, I will post a link to it. Judging by my own experience, and by what Laz has said of his, Martina’s massage business will be a very successful one.


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