World Book Night 2012

This year, as some of you already know, I was selected as a giver for World Book Night. I had to choose a total of three out of a possible 25 titles and then the WBN people emailed me to say I’d be giving out copies of my first choice, the fabulous A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens.

When the books had been delivered to the Jubilee Library, I left them there – pointless collecting them only to take them all back into town again the following week. Monday evening, however, we at Brighton Plot Bunnies (read, Laz and I) went to fetch them, and I marked them up in their front covers as WBN ask givers to do (so they can be easily tracked).

Here’s what they looked like in the box:

We met Jon, another Plot Bunny, in the foyer, bumped into a couple of Nanoers (who both work in the library, so the chances were pretty high), and gave away a few books. But the idea was to give them to people who don’t read habitually, so after a promising start, we left the library and on the way to our usual haunt, gave away a few more. Most people were a little stunned albeit happy to receive free books, and only a couple of people said no thanks as if we were giving away religious tracts or something equally dodgy. Never mind, we got to the pub unscathed by the experience and gave away a few more.

Here’s what two of them looked like, snuggled cosily up to our Plot Bunnies menu holder that we always put on the table so people know who we are:

Although there were only a few of us, we did attract some attention (partly, I’ll freely admit, due to my big mouth and propensity to bowl up to complete strangers and start talking to them). We had a great evening, and the pair of us even managed to resist the lure of fish and chips on the way back. (There was homemade Indian curry waiting for us in the fridge…)

So now World Book Night is over for another year. I’ll apply to be a giver again in 2013, and hopefully I’ll be selected. I’m waiting to see Lisa See or Joanne Harris on the book list. We shall see.

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