And another December rolls around

I’ve just come back to my folks’ place after spending the whole of November with my honey. It was lovely to be with him, and good to have someone else writing at the same time as me for NaNoWriMo, someone to egg on and to egg me on. (For ‘egg on’, read ‘nag’.) It was great having someone in close proximity doing the same thing as me. For the first two years I did it, I was unable to adequately explain to my now-ex how important it was that I got the words in each day. Laz being a writer himself already understood this, so that was a load off from the beginning, and the whole experience was much nicer this time round.

Thursday night was the TGIO (Thank God It’s Over) party for the Brighton NaNoWriMo region, and I was already feeling off-colour because I had been coughing for the past two days, but I stuck it out (ordering chips, then finding out the chef wasn’t happy with them and he gave us our money back – yay) and then Laz and I walked back to his place. We managed not to get too wet, which was good, but my Converse were already soaked from walking to the pub, so the first thing I did was take them off, take my socks off and… well, I got into my snuggly purple dressing gown.

Throughout the month, I also had proofreading work to do, which made things tougher, and also training. I was persuaded (‘roped in’) to take part in the club fundraising event, to raise money for the local elderly in Islington (I’d grabbed Simon at the party and charmed him into sponsoring me). I hadn’t done it before and I wanted to, so I gave in. I got a few people to sponsor me, but when it came to the crunch (today), I couldn’t go. I’m still coughing, which has pretty much incapacitated me and I had no wish to spread it by coughing over everyone (I’m still coughing as I write this). However, I’ll be doing the stuff that people did today – at the back of the room in class – so although I wasn’t able to be there with everyone (and Kristina, I’m sorry I couldn’t be there for your birthday), I will still do it, not only because people have sponsored me to be in pain for a couple of hours but because it matters. The elderly of Islington are helped by the Claremont Project. Lives are saved by these wonderful people, and since the government cut funding, FWC Kung Fu Club has been helping them by raising money each year. Last year, the club raised more than £6,000, so my little contribution seems feeble, but it all adds up. As Dave said in class on Wednesday, a few quid can and does make a huge difference to people’s lives, and as a kung fu club with honour, knowing the meaning of filial piety, we do what we can to help.

So now it’s December again. It’s been a full year since a-ha split. A lot has happened to me in that time. A lot. Not all of it has been comfortable, but it’s all been positive, and I’m looking forward to seeing in 2012 a far happier person than I was a year ago.

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