Another year, and what a year

What a year this has been. The last few months have seen drastic positive changes in my life: the break-up of a long-term relationship, the start of a loving new one and a new phase in my training because of no longer being a vegetarian after 21 years and 5 months (it was April 1990 when I gave up eating meat; I was 15).

It was my birthday on Wednesday, and all I wanted was to spend the day with Laz and lounge around. On Tuesday night, there was a NaNoWriMo meeting, so I went and left him to do stuff he had to do at home, while I represented the Brighton Plot Bunnies. One of the things he was doing at home was baking me a chocolate cake (laksa was already partway prepared, too). When I got back, we decorated it with golden syrup and flaked almonds, and then we tried it. It was yummy and we still have some left.

So – my birthday itself. It was lovely. I felt spoilt, the cake being the most romantic thing ever because it was home-made with love (forget that hearts-and-flowers stuff, bake me a huge chocolate cake). We watched DVDs, ate the laksa (that was yummy, too) and more cake, drank beer and then sloe gin. We finished off the day by watching my DVD of the final a-ha gig in Oslo and Laz found that, not only could he stand to sit through it, but he was pleasantly surprised by how talented they were.

Anyway, in the lead-up to my birthday, I went to see Within Temptation, at Brixton on the 11th (11-11-11, a bit spooky). I had a spare ticket as Kala couldn’t make it, so Maggie came with me and the gig was spectacular. I’d never seen them before and I was completely blown away. Support was from the amazing Anneke van Giersbergen, who sang with Sharon on ‘Somewhere’ on the Black Symphony DVD, and she has a fabulously powerful voice. I’ll blog about that separately, but I’ve added a photo as a taster.

And yesterday, well, that was special, too. I’d found out that one of my favourite folkies, the gorgeous Seth Lakeman, was playing a free set at St Pancras as part of the Station Sessions (first I’d heard of them), and I was going training that day anyway, so I went early. As the band before him were finishing up, I approached him, introduced myself and offered him some birthday cake. He said it wasn’t his birthday, I explained that it was mine and he wished me a happy one, saying he’d eat the cake later on. The set was great. He was there to promote his new album, Tales from the Barrel House (which is out today), and he finished off with the wonderful ‘Kitty Jay’. Before the set, I’d got a photo of Seth and me but it was terrible of me, so later on, someone offered to take another one, and I’ve attached it here.

So training after that was done with a grin on my face, and after class, a few of us went to the pub for birthday drinks. The guys had got me a card, Dave bought me a drink, then Dolan bought me another one (a half, then a pint, so I was a bit the worse for wear). It ended up with Kristina, John and me (again… I see a pattern emerging here), and we left because I needed to catch a train so I wasn’t back at Laz’s place too late.

It was a simple birthday, commemorating an eventful year.

2 thoughts on “Another year, and what a year

  1. thekalastyle says:

    Sounds like the best birthday you can wish for. Happy to hear Within Temptation was good! My birthday was amazing too.. (also) my new man cooked an amazing diner for me followed by some drinks with family in my new favourite bar in Amsterdam! Hope to catch up with you soon. All my love kala

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