Time once more for NaNoWriMo

That time has rolled around yet again. With November come many things for me: NaNowriMo and my birthday being just two of the events that are regular occurrences.

While I’m waiting for my birthday to arrive, I’m working on the proofreading and writing my way to the end of my work-in-progress, both because I either want to or have to, and to ignore for as long as possible the fact that, two weeks from today, I’ll no longer be able to eke out another year in my mid-30s. I’ll have crossed the border into my *gasp* late 30s!!! I’m sure I’ll be fine. I know I don’t look my age, and some of the best people were born in 1974 (Laz, for example…). Also, I’m glad I grew up when I did, because that was when some of the best music and some of the silliest and best kids’ TV shows were current. (To illustrate my that-was-then point – today I proofread a book about a certain American rapper who has already had four children and he’s only 29 – OK, not that bad, you may think, and rightly so. However, he became a father at 15 and one of the quotes in said book suggested very strongly that his ambition for his kids is to have them behave like spoilt brats. Quite the role model, I’m sure you’ll agree.)

Last night was the kick-off party for NaNoWriMo’s Brighton region, so we merged it with our regular Plot Bunnies meeting. It was an OK turnout, I mingled a bit (having already worked my charm on the barman and got him to agree to put Plot Bunnies posters up), got some decent photos (more next week, I hope) and generally thought and talked a lot about NaNo and about writing in general. That’s always a good way to get the writing juices flowing and muscles flexed (though the muscles in my hands are, as I write, complaining rather a lot, as I just forced them to carry on so I could reach my daily word count).

One thing about NaNo is that it does force me to write. I hate the idea of being beaten by a little stats graph, so it makes me competitive. I’m not normally competitive, but I’m not trying to beat a person, I’m trying to beat an inanimate thing and that’s much easier to get angry at if it gives you a two-finger salute when it tells you that you haven’t yet reached your goal of 1667 words for the day. But I have, so there. Take *that*, stats graph!

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