Organisation, preparation and a little confusion

The time for NaNoWriMo is almost upon us, just 8 days away (see the countdown clock here). It barely seems possible. I was thinking this evening that it’s almost a year since the a-ha gigs and therefore almost a year since they split. I found myself getting quite emotional about that. Anyway, yes, NaNo has crept round again, and the time has come to prepare myself for writing at least 1667 words per day to make a total of 50,010 by the 30th, when everyone needs to upload what they have to verify a win. (For the record, a win is not a prize thing, but the satisfaction of having written that much of a novel in a month – so if you cheat, the only person you cheat really is yourself.)

In the meantime, changes have been made to the website of the writers’ group I started a while back. Laz made a new site to replace the old one and make it more interactive and it was time, we decided, to find a proper name for the group, make things more official, give ourselves a web presence, etc. We settled, pretty unanimously after a group meeting, on Brighton Plot Bunnies, and now the website reflects that, too. (Sorry, but it just lets you see the homepage unless you’re a recognised member, and it’s no good you being a member unless you live in or near Brighton – my case is a little special, and besides, it’s my group – but you can at least see some of the work that’s been done.) We have a Twitter account (@PlotBunniez) which we use to keep members updated about things bookish and writery, and we have a logo. So before NaNo begins, the pair of us need to get together to get the last bits and pieces of organisation done so that people know we exist. Officially exist, that is. Preparation for that includes printing and cutting out leaflets, flyers and bookmarks, enough to distribute at NaNo meetings and write-ins, so people have the right information. One or other or both of us will be at as many NaNo meetings as we can, so there’s a representative of Plot Bunnies there as often as possible, to maximise our chances of recruiting new members.

So next month is going to be a busy one, but that suits me just fine, even though I have no doubt I’ll flip out at some point in the proceedings, thinking I can’t do it all (I will) as well as fit in work and, of course, the Within Temptation gig at the beginning of the month, for which I’ve had tickets for months. Longer, because the tour was meant to take place in spring, then Sharon den Adel fell pregnant and things had to be postponed. So it’s something I’ve been looking forward to for ages.

In December, things can calm down a little, though I’ll be avoiding shops as much as possible because of the apparently obligatory crap Christmas songs, and mid-month I’m taking Laz to see one of the best folk musicians of a generation: Seth Lakeman. A young, good-looking folkie who attracts women (of course he does) to the front of the stage, he’s someone I have a lot of respect for because of his enormous talent, which is genuine. His music is never forced and he has a rapport with his audience that I’m looking forward to experiencing.

And today… today, something was finally ended; after six months and a lot of being messed around (me, my family, friends and Laz), at last, I can close that particular chapter and fully immerse myself in the new one. Life can be confusing and complicated, but it’s possible to make it simple. The hardest thing is not to react to goading. Get that right and the rest falls into place.

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