Art, design and Mother Nature

I’ve been meaning to write this particular entry for ages. Sorry, Kala. I have no real excuse except I kept forgetting about it, which is officially the world’s most pathetic excuse.

If you go here, you will find my good friend Kala Newman’s profile, showing her skills as an artist / sculptress / jewellery maker. I know Kala through training with her at FWC kung fu in Islington, but she has since, sadly, had to go back to stay in Amsterdam for a while. Undoubtedly relishing the chance to catch up with friends and spend time with family, I have to say, on behalf of everyone in the club, that we all miss her. (Kala, we miss you x)

Kala is a great artist. Quite mad, of course, which adds to the overall charm of the stuff, and she also makes one-off pieces. If you buy a piece of jewellery from her, you know no one else has one quite like it. She will make bespoke pieces to order, which obviously will reflect the wearer’s personality and give it that extra human touch.

I have a few friends who are artists of one kind or another. Alison, the bestie, is good with faces, which she attributes to being good at eyes, and she will take pictures of what appear to be random things but which she will later use as inspiration for her artwork. Kala, obviously, who also takes great photos. Sharmin is a freelance architect. I know a good number of musicians. And my writer friends, another art form, of course, but art nonetheless, of whom there are quite a few. Dancers, performance artists, editors…

We creatives are a funny old bunch, I think. We get each other in a way that people who don’t have that creative outlet can’t quite get a handle on. We might be seen as ‘a bit weird’ because of that (that’s fine by me, I can live with it), and we’re often daydreamers, gazing into thin air and appearing to be elsewhere (believe me, we are).

So my writing is now coming to the fore again. Finally. It’s taken a while, because of everything that’s been happening in my life. At last, things are beginning to really settle down and my mind is a lot calmer as a result of that, meaning my characters are beginning to yell in my ear at excruciating volumes. (Yeah, yeah, I hear you, already …! Jeez …)

So now I ought to get back to said writing. Have a look at Kala’s work, do. It’s worth the time spent. And Alison’s drawings. (I am slightly biased, of course.) I am thankful that I have so many creatives as friends.

And the Mother Nature bit? That’s where many of the aforementioned photos come in. And where I spend a lot of time daydreaming, staring up at the moon, gazing at bits of grass or butterflies on buddleia. Perhaps it’s also that childlike fascination, that sense of wonder, that informs much of our art. If we were to lose that, would we also lose a part of our soul?

3 thoughts on “Art, design and Mother Nature

  1. thekalastyle says:

    hey Dawn, good to see a post of you again!! am sure many more will follow again! I am happy to be one of the many creative beings you know! And happy everyone is sharing!! looking forward to reading more of you soon! (and might see you at a one of kung fu class coming monday!! 🙂 )
    thanks for your positive words! xkala

  2. Hey! Glad to hear from you as always! I was hoping to see you yesterday (Saturday), I may not go training till next weekend as I’m pretty skint at the moment 😦 But if you can let me know for sure when you’ll be there (text me), I’ll do my best…

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