Sometimes, life throws things in your path

Well, in my last blog post I mentioned that I met someone at the a-ha fan party in the Nordic Bar just off Oxford Street. I spent more than a week, as I had a deadline for some proofreading work, thinking of very little else and wandering around with a smile on my face. Drove the people around me quite mad, I’m sure.

Anyway, the day finally arrived when what I’d been waiting for happened. I needed to go to London anyway to give in most of the work that I’d been doing, so this was the day my plans revolved around. After I’d been to Fulham to hand in the work, I went to Brixton so I could go to the Mac counter in the shop just opposite the Tube station. Just because I’m 36 doesn’t mean I have to look 36, so I bought some more make-up ready for the evening. Following this, I went to the Angel, where I train most of the time and where I was meeting the man I had kissed the previous week a few hours later.

Training was interesting, that night. Everyone noticed how much happier I was looking than I had in recent months. Hell, even the guy in Pret, when I went to buy a sandwich, grinned at me and said, ‘Have a good day,’ to which I replied, ‘I will!’ and literally –  I kid you not, here – literally skipped out of the shop. I don’t think I’ve ever done that in anticipation of anything before in my entire life. I bumped into my instructor on my way to the hall and he noticed instantly the glint in my eye. So did one of the mums from the kids’ class. It was very noticeable. I felt better than I had in several years and it was obvious to everyone who knew me.

For the soft style class, my balance was better than usual, as I had less on my mind and was able to calm down. Well, I say ‘less’… but what was on my mind was nice stuff, not nasty stuff; no worries, only smiles. The hard style class – actual kung fu – was more of a challenge, because I’d been finding it hard to eat for more than a week. Adrenaline does strange things to the human body. During the sparring class, I asked if I could please be excused, went to M&S before they closed and bought a bottle of wine to take with me later on – I could hardly turn up empty-handed, now, could I? And then the final class, shadow boxing, was just John and me, after which I got my glad rags on, checked my make-up hadn’t slid down my face (it’s Mac – of course it hadn’t) and applied perfume (Karma – from Lush – the best). I had to borrow John’s phone (thanks, John) to ring my date as I’d run out of credit, and he gave me some confidence before leaving me to wait outside the station.

By now, the anticipation was near killing me, but I didn’t have to wait long. The man I’d been waiting for took my heaviest bag (a gentleman, refreshing in itself) and we went back to his place. He made me feel amazing. And that’s all you’re going to get…

Tonight, I booked my place on a coach to go and see the bestie in Inverness. Finally. It’s been far, far too long since I saw her last and I’ve no doubt things will get a bit emotional when I get there.

Things are happening for me, now. I just needed to be free for life to turn around.

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