Funny how life can change in an instant

It’s been some time since I last posted on here. For that, I apologise. A lot has been going on, not least the fact that I no longer live in Brighton. I moved out. A long, personal story I shan’t go into here, but my friends already know what I’m talking about anyway. Suffice to say, it was a long time since I’d been single.

Well, that was a low. But one thing which has been keeping me sane recently is a-ha’s divine music. The gigs at the end of last year were the end of an era. The beginning of one (for me) started when I bought the live CD/DVD deluxe edition on the day it was (finally) released here in the UK (we were last, out of all the countries in Europe, to be able to get it). Watching it brought back memories of the three gigs I went to and it was an emotional memory, though a good one. I’m still sad that a-ha have broken up, but they decided the time was right to move on and I have to respect them for that. At least we had a chance to say goodbye to each other in the best possible way: a world tour.

I knew there had recently been a DVD launch party for fans in Berlin and that Morten Harket had turned up for half an hour. When I knew there was going to be one in London, I booked my ticket and waited. I knew the possibility of any members of a-ha turning up was practically zero, but I went anyway, knowing that here was a chance for me to socialise with people who felt the same way as me, to relive the gigs, to enjoy an a-ha cocktail (I had an Afternoon High, knowing that the Mortini wouldn’t actually come with Morten attached), and nothing but loud a-ha songs all night. If Jimmy Gnecco (who opened for a-ha on the tour) had decided to turn up, I would have done my best to seduce him, but alas… Thing is, he’s totally my type, he can sing, he’s an amazing songwriter and he wears eye make-up. (Need I say more?)

I spoke to some people there (hello, guys), reminisced about the gigs, compared the ages we’d been when we fell in love with Morten (I was ten, but someone beat me by being only seven) and generally had a great time. I also met the person from Twitter whose moniker is @aha_book (at last) and spoke a while – I was easy to spot, put it that way.

I was approached by someone who claimed to be a medium – I have a way to test this on anyone who says that, but decided not to. He seemed nice, but kept coming back and asking if I’d see him next time I was in London. No. I wouldn’t. But I’m far too polite a person to say so. In the end, after he came back again (by which time, he was giving me the creeps), I said to the girls that I was going to the back to see a friend, and thought I should tell him the same – after all, it was true. I never did find @aha_book again, so I just enjoyed the loud a-ha disco on my own and stood people-watching for a while.

Near the end of the evening, I wandered over to the back of the room and stood by the open door enjoying the music. A few people wandered in and out, but, during the last hour before I had to leave to catch a train (I was staying with Matt in Brighton, one of my writerly friends), someone came through the door and said if I wasn’t careful, I’d lean on the door too hard and fall over, and it would be like that scene in Only Fools and Horses – ‘Nice and cool, Trig, know what I mean, nice and cool…’ just before he falls over as he goes to lean on the bar. We got talking and as I was about to leave, he made his move and I melted. He was good-looking, had a Scottish accent (which undoes me completely anyway) and he was nice to me. It was a beautiful kiss, a beautiful end to a great evening, and the start of a new life.

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