A busy month ahead

I have work at the moment and so not much time (or money, as work has been scarce) to do much else apart from meet the deadline next week. I was going to train this morning and was rather looking forward to it – I like beginning my weekends with qigong, suang yang and kung fu – but have had to stay put, and that stings. A lot. My instructor says some of his students will make excuses not to train and that means they can’t get good (and he’s talking really good, not just adequate). I train as often as I can because I enjoy it and because, yes, I want to get good at it, which makes me the opposite of that – I find as many excuses as I can to go. If I’m in London during the day, I train in the evening because I’m there anyway. Even on Thursday, while we had Greg’s mum and little nephew here for a few days, we went to London for the day and I took my kit with me. OK, it meant dragging it round while we traipsed around town, but if I hadn’t trained after I’d been there all day, I’d have resented it (and subsequently been in a foul mood). As it was, after walking so much, training almost killed me, but it was such a relief after not having trained for a few days and it’s always great to catch up with friends and have a giggle while we’re all pouring with sweat.

Today, I’m going to work through on the proofreading project that arrived yesterday. I’ve had enough of starting late and then having to carry on through the evening and sometimes even late into the night in order to meet the deadline. Most people, those who work regular hours, that is, finish by about 6 o’clock, so while they’re busy having their evening to themselves, I’m still working because I’ve been distracted during the day. (Shops are open in the daytime, when I should be working, which means I have to get things done while they’re open, meaning the work often has to wait – thank the goddess for vegbox schemes). I’m determined to make that stop, especially ready for next week, when NaNoWriMo starts at midnight and the last thing I’ll need when I have to get in at least 1,667 words daily to keep to my target is to have to do something else instead.

So, today is Saturday and I can work all day and relax this evening. A lot of people have been planning their NaNovels for ages and will now be doing last-minute planning, but I can’t work that way. I work best when I’m actually in the process of writing, or it won’t come. It can be irritating, but it works well for me. With that in mind, this is going to be a short entry. This one already makes it two in a week. What more do you want?

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