Autumn and its inherent changes

Well, autumn has finally arrived. The wealth of blackberries is starting to recede as the bushes prepare for colder weather (but not before I picked a load to make into yummy jam, thank you Mother Nature for the free food) and there’s not as much sunlight as there was, even though it seems there’s more actual sunshine now than there was in supposedly-sunny-but-actually-very-wet August.

I’ve managed to pass a couple more gradings, both in soft and hard styles, which pleases me immensely, and as I write I have bruises in abundance, plus plenty of sore bits and pieces from training (and, last night, being propelled across the room as I held a kick pad – and someone kicked it…).

My favourite character is finally talking to me again – I think that has a lot to do with the fact I’m listening to loud rock music more than I have been recently, to which my character responds by yelling loudly in my ear. It also works whenever I sit her down and ask her, aloud (I’m a writer, work with me on this), what the hell is going on and to tell me because I know damn well she’s got something to say. It might not be much, but it’ll be a catalyst for another writing session, which is sometimes all that’s needed to get going again.

I’m planning to finish this book before November and NaNoWriMo 2010, because I don’t want to be thinking about two different plotlines at once, especially when my November is so unusually busy, this year. Three gigs planned months ago, my birthday (on which I’ll no doubt be training, trying to forget how old I am) and who knows what else will come up in the meantime. So it’s important I get the book finished and my character tells me what’s happening when I need to write (rather than anywhere I may be when I don’t have a pen on me, which she knows pisses me off no end – for this reason, I believe, she doesn’t usually bother, waiting until I’ve settled down to write).

Music-wise, I’m still listening to a-ha (you didn’t think I’d stop, did you? Really???), HIM (beautiful HIM) and Placebo, mostly. Placebo have recently recorded a song they debuted on the latest tour, called Trigger Happy Hands, an angry invective against humanity’s inhumanity to each other. Look it up on YouTube and prepare to be rocked out. Today, I listened to both Black Market Music and Without You I’m Nothing all the way through, which I hadn’t done for ages. At the weekend, it was a series of HIM albums, as well as some visual pleasure (don’t be filthy, I said nothing) in the form of live and video clips on the DVD (which reminds me, I need to get Digital Versatile Doom, too). Today I’ve also been listening to Within Temptation, specifically the Black Symphony live album that came with the DVD.

The hippie in me is relishing the drawing in of the longer nights. It’s the best excuse in the world for a bookworm like me to curl up with a paperback (or a hardback, either is good). At the moment, I’m reading Joanne Harris’s latest release, blueeyedboy, written as a series of blog posts and people’s replies to them and what it may hide or reveal about the person who writes them. People remember her for Chocolat, even if they only watched the film adaptation and didn’t read the book, but much as I love it, there’s so much more to her than that.

Anyway, I’m off. I’m going to curl up with a pen for a while and see what my characters have to say. One in particular, who sticks to me like so much superglue (which is just as well, as I really wouldn’t have it any other way). Then I might watch a kung fu film. Or… I might not. The night is young, and I haven’t decided yet.

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