Another a-ha day…

Well, what can I say? I don’t usually get the chance to see a band twice on the same tour (Steeleye Span notwithstanding, but they don’t count – in a good way). But over the weekend, with the RAH gig being sold out, I went to look on a-ha’s website ( Seems a LOT of people are severely pissed off and upset that ticket touts got the best seats and are now flogging them on eBay at substantially inflated prices. So, in a way, I haven’t missed out because there’s no way I could have got tickets anyway. I’m sure the band won’t be happy about the situation but there’s little if anything they can do. But if I were in their position when it came to the show, the first and only time they’ll play their debut album Hunting High and Low all the way through from start to finish, I’d be pretty miffed to know most people in the audience weren’t fans.

So that’s a no-no unless something spectacular turns up. But I knew there were other gigs I could go to. Guess who now has a ticket coming in the post for the Sheffield Arena show..?! I ordered it over the phone this afternoon. So I rang Frances, who had already said I could kip on their sofa, to let her know it was booked. She’s a star. I don’t know Sheffield, having last been there about 10 years ago, so the pair of them will drop me off and pick me up, to save me getting lost.

Added to that, when I was going to and from London today, to drop off corrected spreads at the publisher, I had my indispensable mp3 player with me, so Morten’s unbelievable voice kept me company, as well as Pål’s crunching guitar and Mags’s synth. I swear Mags puts sex into that thing because that’s certainly what comes out. The subliminal undertones, swirling underneath the rest of the instrumentation, do weird things to me that I’m not bloody well going to describe here. Suffice to say, it’s nice.

And the sun is still shining (on TV), there’s a Blue Sky outside and nothing can interrupt my Train of Thought. OK, OK, I’ll stop. For now.

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