More training, more writing and both inspiring each other

I love my kung fu club. Have I ever made that clear? Tonight’s training was great because Dave is a mine of information and nuggets of wisdom and I was absorbing them, this evening. Before class started, as I was early, I sat scribbling on my w-i-p, which made me happy. Dave later asked if I’d ever sent anything off to be published, which I said was a sore point because, well, no. I haven’t. Not books, anyway. But that’s going to change because I’ve got renewed confidence in my own writing.

During the last couple of classes, I’ve discovered my body now allows me to do the butterfly sit-ups I’ve been trying in vain to force it to do for several months. Now, it’s starting to obey and no longer puts up so much of a fight as it did in the beginning. Partly my own determination (read ‘bloody-mindedness’), partly inspiration from Dave, as much inspiration from the great friends I have at the club, I can feel at least some of the improvements that are going on inside my own body and mind. My understanding is better (I realise now that San Zhan is done differently by almost every martial arts style), my thirst for knowledge unquenchable, my respect for my seniors making me humble and it’s a never-ending cycle of learning and improving.

In much the same way, my writing continues to surprise me. My character did just that as I was waiting to go into class and it gave me a lift which I know I took into the hall with me. I now have a new challenge for my protagonist to deal with, as well as the stuff she was already trying to get her head around, so that’ll be enormous fun to write.

OK. I’m off to bed. It’s past half one in the morning and I have a work-filled day ahead of me. See you later.

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