A great start to a weekend

I went training, yesterday. I don’t usually go on a Saturday, but I hadn’t trained in over a week and events had conspired against me going on Friday night, so the engineering works weren’t going to stop me. I was out of bed before seven o’clock so I could make sure I got a bus that would get me to Three Bridges in decent time. As it was, I was there by half past eight and I had plenty of time to get to London. The timetable online had said the bus left at 08.10 and the journey finished at Victoria at 09.46 – which would have allowed an hour and fifteen to get to Victoria from Three Bridges – but buses were leaving Brighton every few minutes. Still, I’d rather get there early than late and it meant I had time to go on the bus to Islington instead of the Tube (cheaper). I got to the hall with half an hour spare and it was all locked up, so I went to M&S to buy one of their expensive sandwiches (£1) and by the time I got back round the corner, it was open.

There weren’t many of us there for the first class, which was stretching followed by qigong exercises. It meant there was loads of space to spread out, which was nice. Something was niggling at me, though, and about quarter of an hour into the class, I realised what it was: my trousers were inside out from when I’d washed them. I spent the whole of the rest of that class with it on my mind, but it didn’t detract from my enjoyment and I went as soon as I could to the ladies’ to sort it out. Back with my trousers the right way round, I returned for the suang yang class to find more people were turning up and a few more still arrived for the hard style class between 12.30 and 1.30 pm. I was buzzing after all that. Three hours of martial arts training with my amazing instructor, the intimacy of the first small class combined with the energy work of the bagua stepping and the soft style applications and then the work-out of hard style kung fu. My hands were tingling, my muscles were aching and when I got back outside to catch the bus to Victoria station, the weather was still glorious and even London was shining. It was a beautiful day and I’m now resolved to go training at weekends more often.

I spoke to my instructor during class and told him that, rather than go for print-on-demand publishing for my NaNovel, I’m going to aim for one of the high-rollers. I won’t mention who here, as I have no wish to jeopardise my chances by blabbing too soon, but I said I was going to aim high. Because, as I said, you know what they say: shoot for the moon – if you miss, you’ll still end up among the stars. I have every faith in this book, more so because my instructor likes it and he agreed with me that I should go for the big publishers and see what happens. I’ll still get my proof copies that I’m entitled to, but in the meantime I’m going to write a synopsis and covering letter and get that out with the first three chapters before the month is out. There, I’ve said it, so I can’t go back, now. Wish me luck.

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