Bank holidays change people

For some reason, bank holidays seem to change people. Last night’s training, for example, taken by one of the more advanced students as our instructor is away for a few days, was very light. Not on sweat or effort, but on people. There were only six people there for the hard style class and two of them left, leaving a grand total of four of us training in the soft style. The good thing about it is that it means it’s intimate and those of us who are there get more attention. But it’s a shame for the others who didn’t turn up, for whatever reason, because they missed out and it’s this part I don’t quite understand.

This particular bank holiday has people fasting, if they’re religious, and eating far too much chocolate even if they’re not. I’m doing neither. One, because I’m not a Christian, two, because the Spring Equinox happened more than a week ago so there’s nothing now to mark and three, because I’m careful about what I buy and eat. I’m not saying I don’t eat chocolate but there are various reasons, all of them sound, I believe, why I no longer eat cheap chocolate. Palm oil is one of those reasons and child labour is another. See? Sound arguments against it. I look on the labels of lots of stuff because I’m a vegetarian, so it makes little difference to me if I do it for everything else, as well.

So, I shall spend this weekend reading, writing and, wonder of wonders, cleaning. Kim and Aggie have a lot to answer for, but at least it keeps the flat nice and I get satisfaction from doing it. The bathroom is meant, along with the kitchen, to be the cleanest room in the home. The black rug we have in the living room picks up white bits of whatever like you wouldn’t believe (I never thought I’d see the day when I would hoover every day – voluntarily) and long hairs seem to appear from nowhere just minutes after I’ve blitzed the whole flat. Still, it keeps my mind active. I even made my own body lotion a few days ago and, although it’s a bit thick (no comments, please) and goes on like a kind of white calamine lotion, it sinks in nicely and leaves my skin supple and soft. That’ll save me some cash at Lush (I do spend rather a lot in there). Not that it’ll make even a dent in their profits and in any case I’ll still use their shampoo / conditioner / soaps because, well, frankly, they’re the best and I refuse to put chemical crap anywhere near my skin or hair.

My character is moaning at me because I’ve got caught up in reading James Herbert’s The Ghosts of Sleath (his books are brilliant but his writing style does irritate me somewhat), so I’ll no doubt spend much of the next week or so scribbling. And watching kung fu films. And avoiding the inevitable April showers (the month had barely begun and it chucked it down – I got bloody soaked, yesterday). Still, it should be good for my St John’s wort that’s growing in the mini allotment and also for the herbs we have growing on the balcony. See, I’m getting all domesticated. Never saw that one coming, did you?

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