As we approach the end of the year…

…and indeed the decade…  I have a feeling something good will happen in the next twelvemonth.  Reaching the end of a time is also a beginning, of course, and this coming year will be the year when I get better at kung fu and take at least three gradings.  It will be the year when my work-in-progress gets finished and the other two in the trilogy get edited – ruthlessly.  And it will be the year I stop procrastinating and get things done.  I’ve been too good at procrastinating – it’s the writer in me, I believe – but this year will also be the year the new writers’ circle in Brighton gets started (despite the fact we still have not come up with a suitable name), so excuses will sound kind of pathetic if I have monthly meetings to go to and indeed head, along with the two municipal liaisons from the Brighton NaNoWriMo region.

Today, I look outside to see it’s raining.  Pouring, in fact.  Much of the rest of the country, apparently, will once again be covered in snow in the next day or so, but the south coast, having had its share of snow and treacherous ice, will be back to the rain again, the salt air, I suspect, raising the temperature somewhat before anything colder reaches us.  I have to go out today and perhaps we’ll go to London tonight to see a one-off gig by a friend of ours as the band’s singer is temporarily back from New York, so I hope it stops raining by the time we go.  But I also still have work to do, which is a good thing, as it keeps me focused and makes sure my wandering mind doesn’t wander too far.

Talking of wandering minds, I saw Russell Brand on TV, last night, and this led to a rather interesting dream where I was, under strange and not remotely erotic circumstances, eye to eye with his, um, appendage.  I proofread a book about dreams not long ago, but nowhere did it mention dreams of celebrities’ appendages, so I’m guessing it’s simply because I saw him on TV (and, of course, the fact I fancy him rotten had a lot to do with it).

Because I have so much to do, this will be a short entry, but this is something else that I’m resolved upon for 2010 – more blog entries, more regularly.  It’s a good way of keeping up to date and collating everything for myself so my mind can think about the things it needs to think about.  So I’ll just say that we spent the holidays (I refuse to call it Christmas, as I’m not a Christian and so don’t celebrate as such) with my mum and dad and their neighbours/friends.  When we were on the station waiting for a train back to Brighton, we bumped into an old school mate of mine, Claire, so we used the time on the train to catch up on the news (we haven’t seen each other since we left school) and swapped phone numbers before we had to change at Hove (Claire was continuing on to London).  Then we had to wait 20 minutes or more because our train got into Hove late and we missed the connection.  Ah well – at least we had a miniature bottle of Jack Daniel’s to keep us company.

So, now I have to get back to work and get end-of-year things done, as well.  A busy day, but that’s the way I like it.

Ciao ciao.


2 thoughts on “As we approach the end of the year…

  1. Heather says:

    Hi you!

    Am delighted for you that you have got the trilogy together. And that you and Greg are still enjoying Brighton – it’s an amazing place and so much better than London for you, I would imagine. Have you found a publisher? Anyway, well done because I know it takes determination and effort.

    I have done bugger-all on the writing front since I was in hospital for most of May. Since then, I finished an Open Univ Creative Writing (Intermediate) course, got equivalent of a first so was very happy and they allowed one substitution for being in hospital. But, in many ways, I am not that bothered to do two more courses for the full hons degree.
    Most of our time has been taken up by the fact the house went on the market in June and we are finally to be moving back to Essex. Hurrah! I have lived down in s. london for nearly 30 years now but I always missed Essex – and being an Essex girl. Now I’ll be an Essex OLD girl.

    We should be moving in the first couple of weeks in February. We are downsizing so I have done nothing but declutter, declutter and declutter for the last few weeks. Paul is well and we are moving about 5 minutes walk from his workshop. Hopefully, I’ll find work in nearby Romford but where we are moving is right by the countryside. The house is a 3 bed 1930s semi – they have left us a couple of gorgeous art deco type lampshades. But there is bugger all else apart from carpets and curtains. The kitchen contains a larder, a sink and a boiler! Yes, nothing more: no cupboards, no cooker, no nothing!!

    Well it was good to see your blog and I hope it all goes well for you in 2010.

    Love Heather xxxxxxxx

    • kungfuangel103 says:


      Not looked for a publisher as yet, because it needs editing and I want it finished and ready to go before I even get it anywhere near someone who will move things around and pulls bits of it apart.

      Glad you’re going where you so obviously want to be and the house, though barren, seems lovely. and the Art Deco lampshades? Send me a picture! I love Art Deco.

      We’ve actually got curtains in the flat now, making it cosier and we’re able to shut the world out as well as the snow and ice.

      I’ll write you a long e-mail soon. We’ll have to try to get together at some point and catch up, it’s been ages.

      Hugs x

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