Halfway through the first week of NaNoWriMo…

…and I’m doing better than I’d dare to give myself credit for.  The story is coming on really well and my kung fu instructor has told me he likes the excerpt I’ve put up on the site (http://www.nanowrimo.org/eng/user/524116) which has made my day.

I had never given writing a kung fu novel a second thought, but the idea just came to me and the title did the same a couple of days later and the story has been practically writing itself.  Which has taught me that when I have a deadline and a target word count, I can actually make myself knuckle down to it.  Partly it feels like work and partly it feels like fun.  It’s a bit of both: work because I’m a writer by nature (though not yet by trade) and fun because I’ve actually managed to make myself grin stupidly after writing a scene where my character slaughters a bad guy as well as writing one part and thinking, hey, that’s great! Did I just write that?  Which is a feeling I love.

Friends have inspired me (Joe, you’re already a legend and I adore you), family have encouraged me and my kung fu instructor is someone I have infinite respect for.  They make me realise my own potential and for that, I sincerely thank them all.


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