Well, this is me…

Those who know me already, well, know me already, but there still may be something here you didn’t know about me, so do read on if you so desire.

I chose the username KungFuAngel because I practise kung fu in London.  The meaning of 103 I’ll keep to myself, thank you very much.  Kung fu has infiltrated every part of my life and has made me fitter, more confident, has given me better posture and a better shape, more determination, the ability to keep going…  All sorts.  There are no downsides.  Even the pain of training is an upside because I feel so amazing afterwards, like I’ve really achieved something and done something good for myself.  I have made some good friends within the club and my instructor has got more out of me than anyone else could – of that, I am certain.

Living in Brighton is no hindrance, either.  I can hop on a train and then a bus and I’m pretty much there.  No point switching to a class nearer home – I know where I’m best off, and I’m best off under the tutelage of my brilliant instructor.

What else about me?  Well, I write, but I guess that much is pretty obvious.  I write all sorts, mainly about what excites me or what fires me up.  But mostly about what excites me.  Thus, mainly I write about music, be it fiction (novels) or non-fiction (reviews, articles, interviews, etc).  The novels I’m still working on, some of the non-fiction can be found on the internet somewhere or other, but much of it was for a now-obsolete website, which is rather a shame.  We were well on the way to becoming a rival to a rather well-known folk and traditional music magazine when the editor decided to stop.  Ah.  A shame, but these things happen, often for a reason.

The music, now that’s a part of me no one can ignore if they get to know me well enough.  It doesn’t take long to figure it out.  I was brought up on music from an early age, everything from Steeleye Span to Neil Young to Black Sabbath and plenty in between.  Therefore, it has always been important to me and musicians fascinate me.  I can usually spot one, too and, as I was coming out from a class one evening in December ’08, there was Brian Molko, just standing there with his wee boy.  This was an opportunity too good to miss, so I went up to him and said hello, we had a brief conversation about what we were both doing that day (I’d been training, he was Christmas shopping), he shoved his fag in his mouth to shake my hand (how very rock ‘n’ roll) and then I left him to get on with his evening.  He was very nice to me,  quite possibly because I didn’t gush all over him (which I could have done, as I fancy him rotten).  So, there you go, my passion for music also spills over into everyday life and always has, right from when I was very, very wee.

My other passion is animals, the natural world, showing it respect.  No hypocrisy, just saying all this – I’m one of those people who gave a **** long before it became fashionable to have a ‘not-a-plastic-bag’ thingy.  Apes and monkeys are our dear cousins and we should treat them as such, though as most of us don’t meet them on a daily basis, it seems easy for people to ignore the palm oil issue which is depleting forests and leading to the extinction of orangutans, which saddens and angers me.  If it has palm oil in it, I don’t buy it.  If everyone did the same…  It goes without saying, so I won’t get on my high horse, now.

So, that’s me, in a very wordy nutshell.  I’ve always been wordy and bookish.  You’ll work that out in time, if you haven’t already.



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